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When it comes time to make a decision about a cart or a brace, the certified staff at the Animal Rehabilitation Center of Michigan can help guide you. We can offer our experience with different manufacturers, and we can be the liaison for you.

As no two dogs are alike, when your dog needs a wheelchair or an orthotic device, it must be a customized order specifically designed to fit your pet. We are here to ensure that all of the measurements taken are to the manufacturer’s specifications so that your pet gets the proper fit it needs.

We work with several wheelchair, orthotic, and prosthetic manufacturers. We can measure or cast your pet to whatever specification they require.

We can also measure and apply Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for your dog. These grips help prevent dogs from sliding on slippery floors. They provide instant traction for senior and special needs dogs. It is highly recommended that all dogs be measured for ToeGrips. Do not assume that your dog falls into a measurement category because of his or her size. This is not typically the case.

If your dog needs a sling and/or a ramp, we can also provide guidance and recommendations for those items.

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